'Exotic Fruit and Wedding Ceremony' - Indonesia Festival Kicks Off in Moscow

7 August 2017 The Russian capital hosts a three-day ethnic festival featuring the highlights of Indonesia.
The main stage will feature concerts by jazz bands, academic orchestras and bands playing traditional Indonesian instruments. Muscovites will also be treated to a variety of dances dedicated to rituals and traditions as well as catwalk shows by famous and young Indonesian apparel designers.
Visitors can buy souvenirs, clothes, handicraft items, taste exotic fruit and national cuisine. 
Artisans will offer a range of master-classes, including on making Indonesian food, Pencak Silat martian arts, textile painting, jewelry making. The area will also house surfing areas for both adults and children.
Visitors can also take part in an improvised wedding ceremony trying out wedding outfits from Java, Bali and Jakarta.
The festival has an educational component, too. Lectures on Indonesia and its culture are part of the show, as well as Indonesian films and video.
And if you are into languages, you have a chance to learn a few phrases. Suppose you like it so much that you start considering going to Indonesia? Not a problem - representatives of travel agencies are on the scene to help you pick the best package.