Indonesia Interested In Buying Russian Passenger Ships - Russian Ministry

26 July 2019
Indonesia has demonstrated interested in Russian passenger vessels, as well as patrol boats and floating power stations, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade said on Friday.
The ministry's delegation together with representatives of Russian shipbuilding companies and naval equipment producers made a working visit to Indonesia from July 22 to July 24 for talks with state-owned shipbuilding company PT PAL, the Indonesian Economic Affairs Ministry, the Maritime and Natural Resources Ministry, the Transportation Ministry, and the Industry Ministry.
"Russian passenger hydrofoils, hovercrafts, high-speed patrol boats, fishing vessels and floating power stations caused interest [of Indonesia]," the ministry said.
Russia has considerable trade with Indonesia, thought until now it has mostly been exporting weaponry, combat equipment and combat vehicles. As of 2018, Russia has sold $2.5 billion-worth of weapons to Indonesia since 1992. Recently, Indonesia has expressed interest in other Russian products, including high-tech and engineering goods.