Indonesia Invited Russia To Invest In Infrastructure, Manufacturing Sector - Minister

23 May 2019
Indonesia has invited Russia to invest in the country's infrastructure and manufacturing sector, Bambang Brodjonegoro, the Indonesian minister of national development planning, told Sputnik.
"We are very open for foreign direct investment; so far we have FDIs [foreign direct investments] from our neighbors in Asia and some from western Europe. Lately, we also see from countries like China and Russia ... We already invited Russian participation in infrastructure and also in manufacturing. I think Russia has some good products that Indonesia doesn't produce and I think it's good not only for export and import but also for investment from Russia to Indonesia," the minister said.
Brodjonegoro pointed out that the current $412 billion plan, aimed at rebuilding the Indonesian economy, would focus on development of infrastructure and improvement of human skills.
"That amount is for a 5-year plan. We are going to continue building the infrastructure because the connectivity in our country still needs more infrastructure. The other part would be for improving our human skills not only education in general, but more specifically on the vocation. We will be very critical for our future growth: improving the skills together with infrastructure. Most of the funds will be allocated to those priorities," the minister added.
Earlier this month, Indonesia unveiled the $412 billion plan, under which it is going to construct 25 airports and new power plants and implement other measures.