Indonesia Mulls Intelligence Cooperation with Russia

10 February 2016 President Joko Widodo today, February 10, met with delegation from the Russian Government. Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Luhut Panjaitan said both countries discussed cooperation in defense and intelligence sector.

 “There are several forms of cooperation in intelligence sector, such as exchange of information, as well as defense and drugs,” said Luhut on Wednesday, Feb. 10, adding that both countries also discussed relation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

 Regarding intelligence cooperation, Luhut said Indonesia saw the need for cooperation with Russia as Indonesia has mainly focused on working with intelligence from western countries, especially the United States.

 Luhut said intelligence cooperation with Russia would provide many benefits for Indonesia. The forms of cooperation discussed were exchange of information, training of human resources and equipment.

 For defense sector, Russia offered several advanced technologies, such as Sukhoi SU-35 aircraft, helicopters, submarines and fast ships. Luhut said Indonesia has yet agreed on the cooperation because there will be further meetings to discuss details of the cooperation. “The most important thing is there must be transfer of technology, so we are not merely a market for developed countries,” said Luhut.

 Luhut continued that Indonesia and Russia also agreed to cooperate in narcotics prevention, including exchange of information.
 In the meeting, President Jokowi also discussed the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Luhut said the President stated his wish for Indonesia to play a role in abating the tension between both countries. “Russia welcomed the move even though they said they did not have great interests in the issue,” he said.

 The Russian delegation was led by Nikolai P. Patrushev, Secretary of Russian Security Council who was accompanied by the Deputy Security Eugeny Lukyanov and Russian Federation Ambassador for Indonesia Mikhail Galuzin. President Jokowi was accompanied by Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Luhut Panjaitan, Justice and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and National Police Chief Gen. Badrodin Haiti.