Indonesia-Russia agreed the Countermeasures Enhancement of Terrorism

29 September 2016 Every country needs the Countermeasures Enhancement of Terrorism to avoid and solve the terrorism problem that has been happening in their country. The Coordinator Minister for Political, Law, and Security, Wiranto held the closed meeting with Russian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mikhail Yurievich Galuzin in Kemenko Polhukam Office in Central Jakarta on September 19, 2016.
Wiranto said, both Indonesia and Russia agreed to increase the security and the defense system. Russia has been accepting this agreement since The Coordinator Minister for Political, Law, and Security had commanded by Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan for making a forum about consultation concerning on information security, defense, and security of both countries.
Not only limited to Indonesia and Russia, but cooperation was also developed with a number of countries are attending the forum International Meeting of Counter Terrorism (IMCT), which was held in Bali, in August 2016 ago.
Some of the agreements reached regarding increased ability to cope with cyber technology sophistication of modern terrorism. In addition, the meeting discussed about the counter-terrorism in the border region of the country.
“Both countries saw the need for a broader discussion about the security of their respective countries at the same security in the region. We will follow up with a more concrete steps. Russian Ambassador also asked that no concrete measures in the framework of the consultation of cyber technology in order to improve the handling of terrorism,” said Wiranto.
The meeting also briefly discussed the results of the Forum IMCT related efforts to cut off the financing of terrorism. The government is also exploring cooperation between countries to neutralize the sources of terrorism, such as poverty, injustice and tyranny.
Wiranto sure that the program initiated in IMCT will be expanded in view of terrorism has become a global issue. “It was a soft food terrorist figure the world. That’s what I will try to equate work with Russia, the exchange of experience to deal with that. I think it will be well,” said Wiranto.
To make a better system, many countries made some international relation concerning on every “weak” sector that they have been faced in their country. Hoping this relation make a good conclusion for Indonesia and Russia, Indonesia have to learn more about development of terrorism in Russia including the solving step from Russia Government to manage that problem. Not only making an International Relation to Russia, but also Indonesia have to make many International Relation to another country for taking some knowledge about International Terrorism.