Indonesian Children Recite Quran in Int`l Recital Event in Moscow

23 October 2018
Two Indonesian children, Muhammad Ghozali Akbar (10) and Kamil Ramadhan (11), recited Quran on Sunday, Oct 21, in the 19th Moscow International Quran Reciting Competition for the category of Hafiz or memorization in Crocus City Hall, Moscow.
Both young huffaz (Quran memorizer) attended the event as the special guests of the Russian Mufti Council, a religious group that represents the Muslim community in Russia.
"We come from Indonesia to Moscow, Russia to share valuable things, which are our love and the recital of holy verses of Quran," said Ike Muttaqin, Chair of Foundation of Wakaf De Muttaqin Pesantren Yatim Tahfizil, while on stage accompanying Ahmad and Kamil.
Ahmad was the first winner, and Kamil won third place in the 2017 Indonesian Hafiz competition. In the 2018 International Hafiz competition in Jeddah, Ahmad won third place while Kamil ranked sixth.
Ike Muttaqin expressed his gratitude for the participation of two Indonesian kids in the international event in Moscow. He pinned hopes people could be inspired and motivated to love the Quran, read it more, memorize it, and practice the teachings.
The Russian Mufti Council organized the 19th Moscow International Quran Reciting Competition on October 18-21, 2018. A total of 33 participants from 33 countries presented, among them were Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia. Indonesia was represented by Muhammad Abdul Faqih from Central Java.
The Indonesia Ambassador to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, M. Wahid Supriyadi, delivered his high appreciation to the Indonesian team, both participants, two young Hafiz, assistants, and jury representatives. According to Ambassador Wahid, the country’s participation brought closer, not only ties between Indonesian people and Russia but also among fellow Muslim communities in the world.
"For the first time, the committee invites two young Hafiz from Indonesia. This is an extraordinary recognition to Indonesia," said Wahid remarked.
Russia is the largest Muslim country in Europe with some 25 million people or 17 percent of the total population of Russia. Islam is a developing religion there and currently have more than 7,000 mosques throughout the country.