Indonesian Govt Opens Investment Opportunity for Russia in Energy, Mineral Resources Sector

26 October 2018
Working Group on Energy of the Republic of Indonesia and Russia was held again in Russia. The second Working Group event was held in conjunction with the 12th Indonesian and Russian Joint Commission (SKB) Session, in Moscow, Russia, on October 24-26, 2018.
In the working group Indonesian delegation for the energy and mineral resources (EMR) sector led by the Secretary of the Research and Development Agency at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Sujatmiko offered Russia to invest in the EMR sector, because according to Sujatmiko, the energy sector investment is still very promising and the investment climate in Indonesia is now better and more friendly for investors.
"At present Indonesia is still trying to increase oil and gas production and supply of electricity to meet domestic needs. The Indonesian government is also currently encouraging the use of renewable energy mainly from solar power and bio energy. It is hoped that Russia can become a reliable cooperation partner for Indonesia and cooperation that has been established can develop in the future," said Sujatmiko, Friday (10/26/2018).
In the electricity subsector, Sujatmiko added, Russian investors can invest and cooperate in building power plants and improving existing projects. "Opportunity for investors from Russia is open to participate in electricity generation development projects as well as operations and repairs of existing ones," Sujatmiko said.
In addition to the electricity sector, the Government of Indonesia also offered the Russian Government investment in the geothermal, hydro, supplies of gas turbines to Indonesia, which also include the field of design engineering services.
"Indonesia invites Russian companies to participate in the development of the coal, oil and natural gas industry in Indonesia. Indonesia will deliver information about the opportunities for cooperation needed by Russian investors," said Sujatmiko.