Russia-Indonesia forum seeks to bridge economic information gap

29 October 2016 The Russia-Indonesia Business Forum will meet on October 31, 2016 in Jakarta.
The meeting is a combined program of the Russia-Indonesian Business Council and Indonesia-Russia Business Council.
According to Russia-Indonesian Business Council CEO Mikhail Kuritsyn, the purpose of this forum is to bridge the information gap between business circles in both countries during a time of economic turbulence and destabilization of the global economy.
In the midst of the current economic situation, Russia has consistently carried out policies to increase its trading volume with Asia Pacific countries and supports the diversification of trade and economic relations in the region.
At present, Russia and Indonesia actively cooperate in the fields of civil aviation, mining, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, development of transport infrastructure, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
A number of new areas of cooperation have become priorities in bilateral relations between the two countries and are expected to boost Russia's and Indonesia's trade volume to US$5 billion this year.
Among the cooperation fields are oil and gas, aviation, aerospace, maritime and shipping, agriculture, satellite technology and communications systems, high-technology and banking.
The forum will include speakers from a number of companies representing industry, trade, finance and investment, as well as from government agencies in both countries.
The event consists of a panel discussion, a presentation outlining a project of cooperation by the Russians, and business to business meeting.
The Russia-Indonesian Business Council and Indonesia-Russia Business Council are non-government organization that were established to unite Russian and Indonesian businesses as they seek greater bilateral relations in the fields of trade, economy, investment, as well as science and technology.