Russia remains tight-lipped on Indonesia's weapons deal

27 February 2017
Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Mikhail Galuzin refused to venture into any details on the planned purchase, only noting on the readiness for dialogue and consultation on each item of Indonesia's interest.
"Russia is ready for the broadest possible cooperation with our Indonesian friends in the areas of military and technical activities," Galuzin said during a briefing in Jakarta on Monday.
Citing the positive relations in the military and technical fields between both countries, Galuzin said progress on the deal would be revealed in due course "as soon as there are concrete results."
During bilateral talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in May, Jokowi had presented a list of defense equipment the country had intended to purchase, which included Kilo-class submarines and Sukhoi Su-35 multi-role jet fighters.
Indonesia has turned to Russia in its attempt to upgrade its military deterrence capabilities, with talks of procuring advanced Russian defense equipment and the joint production of ammunition and arms highlighted during talks between both leaders.
The Southeast Asian country currently operates older iterations of the jet fighter, the Su-27 and Su-30. Indonesia only has two aging submarines in operation, despite its status as the world's largest archipelago. A cooperation with South Korea would soon see the country receive three more, albeit with inferior technology to that of the Russian Kilo class.