Russian Ambassador in Indonesia Mr. M.Y.Galuzin participated in the 5th extraordinary simmit of the organization of islamic cooperation on Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif

7 March 2016 On March 7, 2016 Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Indonesia Mr. M.Y.Galuzin participated in the Extraordinary Summit of the Organization of Islamic cooperation on Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif as a Special Envoy of Russia.

Mr. M.Y.Galuzin made a statement during the plenary session in which he outlined Russian approaches to ways of achievement of a comprehensive and just solution of the Palestinian problem on the universally recognized international legal basis, including creation of the independent, viable and territorially integral Palestinian State with its capital in East Jerusalem co-existing state in peace and safety with all its neighbors.
Remarks of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Indonesia Mr. Mikhail Y.Galuzin, special Envoy of Russia to the 5th Extraordinary OIC Summit on Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif:
"First of all, I would like to thank the leadership of Indonesia and OIC for the invitation of Russia to the current Summit which as the Russian side hopes, will effectively promote the solution of the Palestinian problem.
The current Extraordinary OIC Summit is taking place against the background of a new surge of tensions and violence in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Can't but cause concerns regular hostilities between Palestinians and Israelis in East Jerusalem and on all the West Bank of the Jordan River which victims have already become more than 180 people from the Palestinian side and more than 30 - from the Israeli one.
Forcing of the atmosphere of mutual alienation due to an uncertain status of the Holy Sites once again sets thinking on how the current situation in the occupied Palestinian territories is fragile and shows the demand to return to discussion of that and other issues of their final status at a negotiating table. Only resumption of the negotiation process with prospect of reaching mutually acceptable arrangements on all the key issues will give a chance to expand the political horizon of settlement and to normalize the situation.
Certainly, within the negotiation process the outcomes acceptable for both parties concerning the final status of the Palestinian territories, including the problem of Jerusalem, have to be found. This city is special for followers of three monotheist religions. It is necessary to provide free and easy access to Holy Sites of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Russia is historically closely connected with the Holy Land and will further contribute to this.
We continue the efforts to return the situation to the political and diplomatic course. At the same time we involve actively the potential of the Middle East "Quartet" of international mediators, supporting its close coordination with the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. In February 2016 there were two meetings of the "four" - at the level of special representatives in Oslo and Ministers of Foreign Affairs on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference. Following the results of the Ministerial Meeting in Munich the Joint Statement was adopted in which unacceptability of the existing status-quo was confirmed, concern about the ongoing settlement activity of Israel and its policy of demolition of the Palestinian structures was expressed. The appeal to show restraint and to take specific actions to demonstrate the commitment to the two-state solution is directed to the sides of the conflict. Besides, it is planned that the "Quartet" will prepare a report on the situation in the conflict zone, including recommendations about search of ways to move forward the process of settlement on the commonly recognized international basis.
In our turn, in contacts with Palestinian and Israeli partners, key regional players and at various international venues we confirm our principled position in favor of a comprehensive and just solution of the Palestinian problem on the known international legal basis. We express support to lawful aspirations of the Palestinian people to live in the independent, viable, territorially integral Palestinian State with the capital in East Jerusalem, existing in peace and security with all the neighbours.
In a bilateral format Russia also provides comprehensive assistance to Palestine in strengthening of fundamentals of the Palestinian statehood, creation of strong and effective institutes of power, improvement of hard economic and social situation in the Palestinian territories. Since 2010 our country has been consistently carrying out various humanitarian projects in Palestine. Work on construction of important social facilities for their transfer as a donation to the Palestinian people is also being performed, projects on improvement of the local infrastructure have already been started. So, for example, in 2015 the Russian Government has made a decision to allocate 4 million dollars to the Palestinian authorities for upgrading the historic and religious center of Bethlehem, including the restoration of Star Street which is a UNESCO world heritage site.
We hope that constructive and coordinated actions on de-escalation of tensions on the Palestinian-Israeli track and resolution of the crises which have captured the Middle East and North Africa will bring outputs. It is pleasant that today approaches which we promote in international relations, namely firm support for the UN Charter, collective methods of solution of international problems, respect to cultural and civilization variety of the modern world, are becoming more and more in demand and get new supporters. Russia always attaches great value to "synchronization" with OIC on the major regional problems. We count on further constructive interaction in regional affairs with this authoritative organization."