Russian youth participate in Bahasa speech, story-telling competition

22 May 2017
The event is being held to commemorate the 109th National Resurgence Day at the embassys hall on May 20.
According to a statement by the Indonesian Embassy at Moscow received by ANTARA News in Jakarta on Monday, Natalia Igorevna Rudik, a land technique undergraduate student from the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU), and Ivan Belikov, a student of Indonesian philology and specialization from the same university, expressed their interest in Indonesia.
"I love Indonesia since the people are friendly, kind, and positive," Rudik stated in response to a question on why she loves and wants to learn Bahasa, which was also voiced by Belikov.
Rudik and Belikov are among the 12 participants in the competition. Most of them are university students from various higher education institutions, such as the MGU, Academy of Public Administration, and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Some of the participants are already working and have learnt Bahasa on their own or by taking up a course at the Indonesian Embassy.
The Bahasa speech and story-telling competition was aligned with this years theme of commemoration: "Fair Indonesian Development as the Form of National Resurgence."
For the speech contest, the committee selected the topic "The Importance of Learning Bahasa," while for the story-telling event, the participants chose some folklore titles, such as Nyai Roro Kidul, Danau Toba, and Roro jonggrang. The competition was aimed at promoting Indonesian language among Russians and deepening bilateral relations.
The 109th Harkitnas commemorative event was inaugurated officially by Indonesian Ambassador to the Russian Federation and Belarus Republic M. Wahid Supriyadi. During his opening speech, the ambassador highlighted the history of national resurgence and Budi Oetomo organization, the global situation in 1908, and the relevance of Harkitnas in the day-to-day life of the nation.
Speaking in connection with the competition event, the Indonesian ambassador has welcomed the rising interest among Russian youth to learn Bahasa. This is not possible without the increase in cooperation between both countries, especially in the fields of commerce, economy, and education.
During the seminar and interactive discussion to commemorate Harkitnas, three Indonesian students who have studied in Russia acted as the sources.
Widya Priyahita, a masters student of Global Public Policy at the RANEPA, elaborated on President Joko Widodos national program. Tinu Sicara, a masters student of Journalism at the Peoples Friendship University of Russia, shed light on Indonesias maritime potential.
Ardhyanata Purba, a masters student of Socioeconomic and Political Development at the Higher School of Economics, spoke about the nationalistic values in Indonesia. Dwi Rahayu, a masters student of Nuclear Power and Thermophysics at the National Research Nuclear University, acted as the moderator.