Organizational Chart

General Meeting

General Meeting is the supreme body of the Council

The General Meeting is vested with the following main rights and responsibilities:

  • approval of amendments to the Charter;
  • definition of priority avenues of activities;
  • election of Administrative board and the executive director;
  • aproval of governing documents;
  • managing other issues stipulated by the Russian laws and the Charter.

The Board

Chairman of Russia - Indonesia Business Council

Mikhail Kouritsyn

- CEO & Chairman of the Board Geo Spectrum Group
- Executive Director Russia-Indonesia Cooperation and Friendship Society
- Member of the Supervisory Board, Russia-ASEAN Cooperation Fund
- CEO Russian-Indonesain JV Prima Comexindo (RUS), Ltd (1990-2000)


Members of the Board

  • George Petrov

    Vice President Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    member of the Board

Executive Bodies


Expert Council

Industrial Committees