US companies may invest in construction, minerals business: BKPM

27 June 2016
Two American companies have expressed interest in investing in construction and minerals processing businesses following the implementation of online licensing, the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) has said.

BKPM chairman Franky Sibarani said the companies had presented plans to establish representative offices in Indonesia through the board’s Indonesia Investment Promotion Center (IIPC) office in New York, and would start market research in Indonesia soon.

“The US’ outward investments have been the highest of all, but the realization has been limited,” he said in a press statement on Saturday in Jakarta, adding that the board would assist with the investment process for the two companies.

Franky further explained that the US-based minerals processing company wanted to diversify its business in Indonesia while the construction company planned to participate in the country's massive infrastructure projects.

According to BKPM data, the US’ investment realization in Indonesia sits at US$893 million, across 261 projects, mainly in the mining sector. Meanwhile, the investment commitment over the same period stood at US$4.8 billion across 76 projects.

Rahardjo Siswohartono, an official at IIPC in the US, said the investment promotion team had been responsive in facilitating investors’ need while maintaining efforts to promote investment potential in Indonesia.